A Tachy Mora book on Cuttting Edge Spanish Crafts

A book by Tachy Mora on Contemporary Spanish Crafts

“Cutting Edge Spanish Crafts. Innovation and design in contemporary craft industries” by the cultural journalist specialising in design Tachy Mora is published by Lunwerg Ed. in Spanish and English and it hit bookstores in October 2011.

The book features a group of artisans, designers, companies and projects that are leading the Spanish crafts nowadays. The selected figures are considered exemplary due to their creativity, innovative nature, product excellence, interaction with the design field and a proper development of their business plan and communication. Cerabella has been included featured in the “Excellencies” Chapter with a selection of our classics and our candles by designers such as Jordi Labanda or Sybilla.

Tachy Mora Portrait


Tachy Mora has been working as a cultural journalist since 1998. She is a regular contributor at the national newspaper El País’ Sunday supplement and the cutting edge culture magazine Neo2, writing articles and reviews about design, architecture and crafts. She also previously collaborated with the newspaper El Mundo’s Sunday supplement and other magazines such as Surface, Elle or Citizen K Spain,
trends publications Spy and Vanidad, and specialised design magazines Visual and Diseñart. Before establishing herself as a freelance in 2003, she coordinated several publications such as the specialised design magazine Experimenta and the supplements division of the now defunct Las Noticias newspaper. She alternates her work as a journalist with consulting and design cultural development projects.




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