Candles and Letters

Espelmes al Via LLibre
Candle’s last destiny is usually an enigma for a candlemaker and it is a pleasure if by chance we get to know where do candles finally bring their light. However, finding them related to the names of important poets and actors of our culture has really moved us.Espelmes Scrabble
In chapter 83  of the Literature TV programme Via LLibre , the actors Sílva Bel, David Selvas, Jordi Martínez and Nausicaa Bonnin, recite fragments of the work of poets born in 1913.Anna Borràs encén espelmes

Before reading their words, the readers light a scrabble candle with the intials of each writer: Bartomeu Rosselló-Pòrcel, Joana Raspall, Joaquim Amat-Piniella, Joan Teixidor and Marià Villangòmez.

Never had the candles sounded so well!

Silvia Bel
You can watch the complete programme here (minute 14:00)
Nausicaa Bonnin



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