On sunday, December 20th, at the Modernist Complex of Sant Pau in Barcelona, the artist Muma Soler created the social sculpture “With the help of everyone” by the TV3 2020 marathon dedicated to Covid-19.

Cerabella has collaborated with sculpture, filling with candles and drawing with fire the entire route of the courtyard of the enclosure.

The purpose of this ephemeral work of art has been to commemorate all the victims of the pandemic, those who passed away as well as those who somehow suffered COVID19. According to Muma, concentric circles symbolise the figure of the Sardana, giving ourselves hold hands (now that we can´t) to help each other, and the flame of candles is the symbol of life, so beautiful, so magical and at the same time so fragile.


Fulfiling all the safety measures and respecting distances, it was possible to create a unique light show that at dusk flooded the enclosure with light creating an intimate, magnetic atmosphere. A stage of light to which Gemma Humet´s beautiful voice accompanied singing “Un núvol blanc”, by Lluís Llach.

The lyrics of this moving song, together with the light of the candles of Muma´s work, culminated a tribute full of feeling in an ephemeral work of art in the day but eternal in memory.