Cerabella candles at the Home & Life Style magazine

Cerabella candles at Home & Life Style magazine
At the last issue of Home & Life Style magazine they light up Cerabella candles to illuminate Christmas Time.
Among thousand inspirating ideas to decorate these holidays, we find the ABC typographic candles to play creating words as in Scrabble:
Merry Xmas Cerabella candles

Jasmin & Amber Cerabella scented candles
And the vegetal scented candles for these Winter days are both natural and sophisticated : White Jasmin & Magnolia or Amber & Olibanum scents will softly embrace the coming season. Let it snow…Cerabella-candlemakers-Home-Life-Style-magazine

Cerabella Xmas scented candles

Cerabella-scrabble-candlesHome & Life Style magazine

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