When nature turns into candles

Catalina Estrada, an illustrator and Colombian artist, designed for Cerabella a collection of individualized and personal candles, a faithful reflection of her work and inspiration. A wild beauty where nature is the main protagonist.

The collection is available in two designs, both with a rich visual language that conveys the power and the energy of two different living universes: birds and cats.

The universe of birds belongs to the style “Clavel Azteca”. This model wears a refreshing and exotic fragrance with a green finish of bergamot that carries us to a balm heart of elemi and incense with a soft base of patchouli and cedar.

On the other hand, we find the power of a lethal look, the passion of hunting or the wildness of nature that illustrates the style “Sabana”.

A design to grasp the immense gift that the world holds for you when you get involved without fear, with enthusiasm and wide open eyes. The selected perfume is a warm and full fragrance with a slightly fruity accent and a base of sweet amber reminiscent of a jungle landscape where a free and fresh atmosphere surrounds everything with its green coat.

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