cerabella presents sommergrün


Sommergrün is the beginning of summer, it is the feeling of walking barefoot on the freshly cut grass, it is having a refreshing cocktail in the home garden during a warm summer night without fear of the tedious insect bites. The new Sommergrün candle from Cerabella is made with recycled wax and the container is made of ecological stone, a 100% organic material available in three colors and sizes.

Sommergrün surprisingly combines Cerabella’s citronella with cucumber fragrance. A fusion of aromas that has a beneficial effect capable of repelling wasps and mosquitoes. The citronella of Cerabella is the only one that mixes the citronella of Java with natural essence of eucalyptus and essential oils of orange and lemon of Sicily, the result is a Mediterranean perfume with refreshing notes of cucumber essence, ideal for the summer time.

Sommergrün is now available in Cerabella’s catalog.

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