Citronella Scented Candles

Citronella scented pillar candle

Summer reading in the porch, dinners alfresco or parties on the beach: warm weather brings a thousand plans for living outdoors. In order to enjoy them without indtruders, we suggest our CITRONELLA scented candles.Citronella outdoors candles

CITRONELLA oil is a natural insect repellent obtained from Lemongrass leaves (Cymbopogon). Its aromatic and antiseptic properties explain its use in perfumery, natural medicine and aromatherapy.Citronella scented candle in glass container

The delicious citric flavour of lemongrass leaves can be tasted as an infusion or as a refreshing condiment in Thai and Caribbean dishes such as teas, soups and curries.Citronella scneted garden candle

CITRONELLA candles are efficient against mosquitoes.

Apart from pillar candles or CITRONELLA tealights to perfume indoors, we suggest candles in container, torches and any other large wick candle that burns despite the airdraughts to really enjoy insect-free sunsets in the garden.

Citronella torch for outdoors parties

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