Cutting Edge Spanish Crafts: the exhibition

Candles as contemporary Crafts
Cutting Edge Spanish Crafts. Innovation and design in contemporary craft industries‘, the book by the design journalist  Tachy Mora, has turned into an exhibition.
Cutting Edge Spanish Crafts, the exhibition
What do have in common leading firms like Loewe and Lladró with individual craftsmen as the ceramicist Xavier Manyosa or the jeweler Enric Majoral? And a handmade carpet company as La Alpujarreña from Granada with La Granja Royal Glass Factory in Segovia? Or a candles firm like Cerabella with a lighting company as LZF Lamps?
Cerabella Candles Contemporary Crafts
According to Tachy Mora, all of them, each in their own way, share the determination to handcraft its products, providing them with a high-quality touch, sublime delicacy and creativity through a strong commitment to contemporary design.
Their stories and pieces, along with a representative set of artisans, designers, corporations, big companies, crafts industries or collaborative projects, are part of the exhibition ‘
Artesanía Española de Vanguardia, Innovación y Diseño‘ -Cutting Edge Spanish Crafts, Innovation and Design-, which opened last 14th November in Madrid.Jordi Labanda Candles

Jordi Labanda Candles
Powered by Fundación EOI – Fundesarte, the exhibition is a second round of the eponymous book ‘Cutting Edge Spanish Crafts‘, published in 2011 by Lunwerg in Spanish and English. Also promoted by Fundesarte, the book is a publication with an innovative approach that reveals the most contemporary side of Spanish Crafts, its interaction with the design field and the interesting harmony emerged between the two areas, in an incipient way at that time.Sybilla Candle

Sybilla Candles
In just two years, the field of contemporary crafts has experienced spectacular growth, a global trend and unstoppable development that is crystallizing in Spain at high speed. The exhibition has been curated by the author, the design journalist Tachy Mora and aims to celebrate the rise of this phenomenon with a large show of 90 pieces and nearly 600 sqm in CentroCentro, one of the most outstanding spaces in the Madrid cultural scene, close to El Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museums.
Cerabella Candles at Contemporary Crafts ExhibitonAmong other pieces, the visitor will find a selection of Cerabella’s design candles such as the collections by Sybilla or the candles by Jordi Labanda. So honoured to be there!

(Exhibition photos:Fundación EOI – Fundesarte)

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