mother’s day


Mother’s Day is a traditional celebration spread throughout the world, a particular tribute to the wonderful women who have given us life and raised us for years with the greatest love of all, the love of a mother.

After so much sacrifice and dedication to your children, what less than giving them back all that effort and affection by celebrating a day in their honor, and why not?, Giving them something nice such as some of the magnificent candles, room spray and diffusers that Cerabella proposes. After all, they deserve that and much more!

The Organic Hurracaine candle is created with organic materials and also contains essential citronella oils from java, eucalyptus, lemon and orange. Ideal for the garden because in addition to decorating, the citronella it serves as an insect repellent. The room spry number 10 of the Numbers collection, contains the fragrance of Rose & Cardamom, a sweet aroma of wild roses with an oriental touch that creates a creamy, floral and full of life combination.

The Sommergrün candle combines Cerabella citronella with the refreshing cucumber fragrance. A fusion of aromas that has a beneficial effect capable of repelling wasps and mosquitoes, perfect for spring-summer. The diffusers from the original Komorebi collection are available in four different fragrances that take us for a moment to the land of the rising sun.

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