The tradition of lighting candles in the window during the holidays is different for each culture. The origins differ according to religious beliefs and even regions. No matter where your family comes from or how parties are celebrated, the use of lights has become a tradition used by many to brighten up your home and make you feel festive during the holidays.

From the mid-17th century until the end of the 18th century, the British government created oppressive laws in an attempt to restrict the practice of Catholicism in Ireland. During this time of religious repression in Ireland, there were no churches allowed. Catholic priests were forced to hide in the desert in caves

The priests quietly returned to the city during the night to celebrate Mass with other believers in their homes. During Christmas, Catholic families would leave their doors unlocked and a candle lit in the window to let the priest know that he was welcome in their home.

With the many waves of Irish immigration to the United States, tradition took root in the world and continued to evolve. For example, in colonial times, a candle lit in a window told travelers that they had a safe place to stay. The candle also served as a signal among the neighbors that the house was open to receive visitors and to light the way for returning family members. From Cerabella everyone is encouraged to maintain this beautiful historical tradition, which is also an excellent excuse to decorate your home with style.


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