Francesca Abella: Story of an enterprising woman


In the 19th century, a woman from Pallars left the small town where she lived to venture into the city. Francesca Abella set up a small candle shop on Plaça del Pedró in Barcelona’s Raval neighborhood, at a time when sunlight was used to whiten wax and candles lit dark nights.

Francesca Abella was a strong woman who decided to train in the art of cerery, taking forward a company in which she would print all her determination and ability to reinvent herself at a time when business was not exactly a ‘woman’s thing’.

Francesca broke down prejudice and obstacles and built a thriving business that has managed to reinvent itself after almost 160 years. Today the Cerabella company is not only a benchmark, but also ensures a priceless legacy. A way to understand the cerería from a nonconformist spirit and brave, respectful and innovative, like its founder.



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