At times, it’s not necessary to travel far to go around the world; with the light of a candle you can dream, imagine and even discover the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Hemispheres of the globe. The craftsmen of Cerabella put a lot of love into making it possible for anyone to imagine what Finisterre’s surroundings, the port of Boston, the Lighthouse of Alexandria and Mikomoto Shima are like.



Lighthouse collection‘. This is how Cerabella’s new collection of scented candles, which takes you on a journey to such places, is called. Through mandarin or amber scents, you can go to the first lighthouse in the world, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, while the “floral blend” of jasmine and white rose will take you to the environs of Boston Harbor.


But if you prefer to go to the “end of the world”, the Lighthouse of Finisterre is, without a doubt, the perfect place for you. Just by smelling the fragrance of this candle, you’ll imagine the waves crashing against the rocks and the fresh sea air of Cape Finisterre. A very similar sensation is what you get when you go to the oldest stone lighthouse in the world, which is known as Mikomoto Shima. The difference lies in the floral perfume that emanates from the Asian continent, where it is found. Grapefruit and patchouli notes are immediately noticeable as soon as you light the wick of the candle representing this lighthouse.


Four candles, four lighthouses and four great and unique opportunities to travel the world by simply lighting a flame. Which lighthouse would you like to discover today?

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