Make your own candles with the new Candle Maker Kit


What if they told you that you can create your own Cerabella candle at home? So it is with Cerabella’s new Candle Maker Kit. With which, with cleverness and simple guidelines, you can feel like a true candle master. To do this, you can choose between 4 different options depending on the perfume you like best: the fruity Red Berries, the Cinnamon Oriental, the sweet touch of Vanilla or the freshness of Lavander.

Each kit includes a tin container where you can make your own candle, the scented wax in 2 tablets, wicks and a label to customize the lid of the container as you want. A “100% handcraft” experience. In addition, there are many wicks so you can continue to make new candles with the remains you have at home. A great idea, right?

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