new additions to the lighthouse collection


Two new models are added this Spring-Summer 2020 season to the Cerabella Lighthouse scented candle collection. These are the Warnemünde lighthouse and the Cap de Creus lighthouse, two soft and refreshing new fragrances that will delight sea lovers.

According to the story, centuries before the current Wardemünde lighthouse, navigators near Rostock were guided by the help of a simple copper lamp hanging from a wooden tower. This simple but effective signaling is considered one of the first lighthouses in Germany and since then it has been modernized making it easier to navigate the icy waters of the Baltic Sea.

Between steep cliffs of the Costa Brava, and dreamy coves that whispered to Dalí, where the Pyrenees merge majestically with the Mediterranean, we find Cap de Creus. Home to warm summer nights in Cadaqués and an old lighthouse that lights boats since 1853.


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