Nuria Mora at Elle Decor


Inclassifiable artist Nuria Mora ‘s house is featured in Elle Decor Spain last issue. There we have discovered that her exquisite taste for colour defintively spreads further from her artwork.Nuria-Mora-Scented-Oriental-CandleMultifaceted artist, Nuria has exhibited her works in renowned museums such as Tate Modern and the Miró Foundation. Although her collaborations include brands such as Loewe, Sybilla, El País and Cirque du Soleil, her art mostly beautifies the city street walls with colorful murals on geometry and Nature.

Although strongly related to Street Art, her creations go beyond tendences. She works on any kind of surface, from walls to glass or paper and she uses a wide range of techniques such as watercolours, gouache or light projections.Nuria-Mora-Illustrated-Candle
Nuria Mora’s delicious project for Cerabella Arts&Scents collection  was Oriental: a 100% vegetal wax scented candle in a vase she decorated with a gold subtle vegetal pattern. The fragrance she chose for this candle evoques an Oriental journey with warm patchouli notes, vainilla orchid hints and a touch of musk. You must burn it to just experience it!
Talking about her language, Rafael Schacter says  “Nuria’s work gives a freedom from the everyday noise, a moment of balance within the city, another way of imagining our surroundings”.

This is such a truth! 


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