Pottery and vegetal wax to decorate the outdoor

Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Polynesian landscape, the Tanaura collection from Cerabella, will whisk you off to the exotic orchards of Tahiti. Tanaura is perfect for both outdoors, with its delicate decorative composition, and indoors, thanks to the blend of bamboo and citronella that permeates the environment as a gentle and refreshing breath of fresh air, taking you to this unique paradise. Tanaura has been created in three different sizes and in three hues.

Kalyptos captures essences, hints and fragrances from the power and depths of nature and brings them all together in the form of an atavistic totem. Sage, rosemary flower and fresh mint which, together with eucalyptus, form the basis of the aroma of this candle that takes you right to the heart of Mother Earth. A vision that shines throught its pure and imperfect lines, it comes in three hand-painted shades of green, blue or intense yellow, serving as a reminder that Kalyptos is both earth and water.

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