The new spring-summer 2020 collection is now available at the Cereria Abella in Calle Sant Antoni Abat n9 in Barcelona. In this case, the new season opens on Cerabella‘s shop windows with Hudson Yards, four sophisticated scented spells and their corresponding reed diffuser.

HEMP: A modern fragrance, in harmony with the artistic culture of New York. The heart of this young perfume, composed of refined fruit and hemp chords, is preceded by an entry of green notes, over a sweet base with a distinctly floral character.

LIME: The freshness that emanates from the entire Hudson Yards project is undeniable and is reflected in the pleasant citrus aroma of this candle, with a floral heart combined with notes of lime over a base of herbs and mint.

ROSE: Manhattan Island always tries to decorate its streets with flowers. In this fragrance, an entrance with balsamic lavender scents welcomes us to immerse us in an infinite field of roses, resting on a pleasant musky base.

TREE: A piece of forest and nature adorns the new New York neighborhood, creating this fragrance, which consists of fresh notes of pine and rosemary, followed by a woody heart resting on an exquisite musk base.


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