The art of keeping a candle


A good candle is like a small work of art, it possesses an ephemeral beauty that deserves to be cared for. Cerabella brings to you an effective candle care kit composed of four accessories and your guide of use.

The tools are metallic black and with a velvety touch, they include an elegant case that makes it easy to keep them in order. A sophisticated gift for any candle lover.


Candle wick trimmer: It is a tool in the shape of a pair of scissors with a receptacle. It is used to feed the flame by eliminating hot ash and carbon balls from the wick, which are sometimes caused by the burning of foreign objects, such as dust or some components of perfumes. The receptacle is used to prevent the part you eliminate from falling into the melted wax.


Wick straightener: It is a tool that makes it possible to put out the flame of a candle by sinking the wick into the melted wax and then straightening it out just afterwards. It is used for candles in a container, and provides quick and smokeless extinguishing, while also soaking the wick in wax to enable quicker and more effective subsequent lighting.



Snuffer: It is an accessory that is used to put out candelabra candles, avoiding the wax splashes that occur when you put the candle out by blowing.



Tray for candle care: The candle that is going to be treated and the tools to be used are placed on the tray, thus preventing the accessories used from being placed on another surface that could get stained with wax.

Get these fantastic candle care accessories now!




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