The scent of Rumba

Barcelona Scented candles

Sunny weather is here to stay and we love to celebrate it with a warm soundtrack that brings us to the neighbourhood where Cerabella was born.

Cerabella’s first candle shop was founded in La Plaça del Pedró of Barcelona, next to Carrer de la Cera (which literally means Street of Wax.) The street is said to be named so because of the rivers of melt wax spilling from the candles burning for a Virgin that was venerated there. Besides, its is also the street where, around 1950’s, the native Catalan Romani created the Rumba catalana with its unique half Flamenco and half Cuban sound.

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While listening to its songs, there is nothing better to experience this part of the city than lighting a scented candle from the Barcelona Scented Candles collection inspired by this neighbourhood: a gourmand blend with notes of grated lemon and cinnamon and hints of honey, nuts and vanilla.

Gorumand scented candles

Finally, just a couple of links in case you felt curious about this street soundtracks : La rumba del Carrer de la Cera, a radio program on Rumba by music journalist Jordi Turtós and Al Carrer de la Cera, a cover from the popular Gato Pérez song. We hope you enjoy!

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