A Celebration of Light

Celebration of Light

Today is Candlemas, Virgin of the Candles day, patron saint of candlemakers.

It is said that the origins of Candlemas or Celebration of the Light are found in the ancient Roman rituals of Parentalia. During this feast, little candles were brought to the necropolis in a procession in order to guide the deceaseds’ souls. Christians assimilated this celebration and Candlemas recalls the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, forty days after his birth. Traditionally, it is the Celebration of Light and protective beeswaxcandles are blessed for use throughout the year

Besides, February 2nd is also the exact date between the beginning of Winter and its end. First storks arrive, almond trees are in bloom and daylight starts to last longer.

In Catalan we say: “Si la Candelera riu, l’hivern és viu, si la Candelera plora, l’hivern és fora!”

(*”If the Virgin of Candles smiles, Winter is alive, but if she cries, Winter is over!”)




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