Barcelona becomes a candle in the Moritz Store

Custom made candles for Mortiz store

Once again, Moritz seduces us with creativity and design. In the Moritz Store in Ronda Sant Antoni, students from the Istituto Europeo di Design have developped a new installation called Souvenir. In this inspiring setting curated by Chu Uroz we are shown every place on earth where you can taste a delicious Moritz beer and, from every city, a unique souvenir is suggested.

So which is the icon that represents Barcelona? A candle with the industrial shape of Les Torres del Besòs heating plant!
Designed by Guillem Pericay and carefully handmade by Cerabella, this Barcelona’s skyline recognizable building is indeed the most indie and authentic souvenir you may find from our beloved city.
Barcelona souvenir candles at the Moritz store
Photography by Oriol Miralles

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