Handmade Christmas at Cerabella

One of the most special day’s of the year is Christmas Day. The winter day had a particular light. At Cerabella‘s we are keen on the mix of colours, perfume and flavours which Christmas brings at every corner. The candles in the new collection are especially made for Christmas. They are handmade for you, so enjoy them!


Considering that one of the main icons at Christmas is the Christmas tree, why not bring home a bit more of nature? Cerabella has created candles crafted in the shape of a pinecone. When you light them, they will leave you feeling like Christmas has arrived. Try it! You’ll fall in love!


Looking for a present to surprise your loved one? Christmas is not only a holiday when people meet up, it’s also a good time for recalling those who have been with you in good and bad times during the year. We’ve created a handmade collection named ‘Pattern’. They are scented candles kept in a glass jar with a particular decoration similar to knitted fabric. This collection has lovely perfumes that will remind you of Christmas.


Do you know what Christmas smells like? Maybe of sparking white wine? Chocolate? Myrrh? Orange? If you want to enjoy these fragances at Christmas, you can with the collection BBJAR. These include scented candles that will warm you this cold season.

Winter has a special smell. Our Perfume collection has a wide range. From precious metal to an orchid. What perfume would you like?

Seasons like these are not only for smelling, touching or tasting, they are also for enjoying life. At Cerabella, we enjoy everything in our new autumn-winter collection!

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