Illustrated Candles


Can you imagine the scent of a drawing?

On the white surface, a delicate couple wanders among the trees. Meanwhile in the wood, there are hunting scenes with horses surrounded by birds and flowers of all kind. What is the fragance of this forest made out of ink? Illustrated-scented-Candle
For Cerabella’s Arts& Scents collection, we wished to turn into a candle the perfumes inspired by the illustrations of several outstanding artists. The genius of  La Casita de Wendy created this piece bursting with poetry and natural wood scents.

This Forest Scented Candle is 100% made of vegetal wax and it is scented with cedar, resin and a hint of pine and rosemary leaves. During its 50 hours of burning time, the flame illuminates the glass and the illustrated forest comes to live as in a shadow play .La-Casita-de-Wendy
Inés Aguilar and Iván Martínez are the Madrid fashion designers behind La Casita de Wendy. Besides their collections and their teaching in Fashion Schools, they have taken part in several exhibitons such as “Pasión, diseño español” (Berlin, Wien, Salamanca) or “La Moda Española, tras el espejo” at the Museo Reina Sofía de Madrid and they are now collaborating with Brianda Fitz-James Stuart in different creative projects. Their creations are sold all over the world and they are known for an exquisite colour palette and the contrasted shapes and patterns that they design. Passionate and inspired by music, Nature and tales, imagination is their most essential tool. This candle is such a good example of it all!


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