Most of our candles

Decorative candles collectionWe build our stands with the same pasion we make our candles, but with far more sweating and ladder climbing.Snow falling on candles

Here you can have a peek at our stands during September Decoration Fairs where we are proud to show most of our candle collections: Christmas time candles

Decorative trend candles
This season we present glowing gold and shinny silver finishings together with classic ivory candles and vitamin coloured pieces.
Typography candles
However, our favourite suggestion are ABC candles that simulate Scrabble game tiles. We love this letter candles to write initials or to decorate with typographic sentences!Christmas flower floating candles
Finally, we must mention origami poinsettia flower candles for Christmas centerpieces (they also float!), as well as the Forest scented vegetal candles decorated by La Casita de Wendy:
Forest scented vegetal candles
When cold weather arrives, candles play the starring role: everything must be ready before Christmas time!Espelmes de Nadal fetes a mà a Cerabella


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