Not only candles for All Saint’s Day

Lighting oil lamps
Traditionally, not only candles were lit for November 1st, but also a special tiny oil lights to honour the souls of the deceased. These tiny oil lights were known as little “butterflies” or “little souls” and consisted of a wick set on a small cork that used vegetal oil instead of wax as a combustible.

Illuminating with oil lamps
This custom, related to the Roman tradition of lighting an oil lamp for the spirit of the household gods, now is over, but these oil “butterflies” keep on illuminating all kinds of parties and events in a really delicate way.Oil lamps for parties
Try pouring some water and olive oil in different glasses and light “butterflies” all around the room. The floating flames create a unique ethereal effect and, as long as there is oil, there will be flames! 



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