Francesca & Emili


His moustache.
We guess it was that charming moustache which made Francesca fall for him.
Emili’s reasons, however, we know them for sure, but we will talk about them later on when we write a post about the words in his well perserved diary.
Francesca was quite older than him and besides she was the boss. Emili was a shop assistant and was deeply in love with her. Their wedding was full of smiles and hats and it is thanks to them that we are now here.
We thought it was pretty fair to dedicate them this souvenir

Francesca Abella, Cereria Abella’s founder,
whose surname actually means
bee in Catalan.Emili-Oller-candleshop-assistant
Emili Oller and his moustache.
Emili Oller, style lessons.Francesca-Abella-original-candleshop
Emili, another shop assistant, Francesca and Maria Abella as a child: the following generation.Barcelona-XIX-Cereria-Abella-original-candle-shop
Plaça del Pedró in Barcelona circa 1862, when the candles workshop was inaugurated.Emili-Francesca-Abella-wedding
Francesca Abella and Emili Oller: the wedding.

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