August in Barcelona means rumba, heat and the visit of all kind of tourists.


If you are in the city, Cerabella offers alternative souvenirs to bring a piece of Barcelona back home with you, as the Barcelona tile candles or the candle collection of Barcelona’s scents.Barcelona-Candles- Inspiration

The flower tiles of Barcelona have become a symbol of the city since the beginning of last century and the perfume selection of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods will just seduce you…

Barcelona Tile candle
Take a look to the creations that our perfumists suggested to celebrate the city:

BARCELONETA an accord of seabreeze, acuatic flower with peach and lemon
BOQUERIA the perfume of a fruity cocktail with juicy papaya and sliced watermelon
CIUTADELLA mimosa, figuier green leaves, acacia and lavender perfume
ESTACIÓ DE FRANÇA a mix of thyme, luggage leather, incense and jasmine scents
GOTHIC medieval patchouli, sandalwood, ebony and musk fragrance
PARK GÜELL a combination of bamboo leaves, white rose and green stalks perfume
LAS RAMBLAS a bunch of peonies, ylang-ylang, white roses and geranium
RAVAL a blend of spices with a mix of honey, cinnamon and  grated lemon


We are in love with Barcelona!


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