NoaNoa: pure nature

NoaNoa boasts the elegance of stark simplicity and suggestive bareness. A collection that epitomises the admiration Paul Gauguin felt when he discovered the island of Tahiti—a fascination that he never lost—shaped into a collection of unique candles.

NoaNoa is purity, innocence and beauty at its utmost amidst refreshingly sweet notes of gardenias, the flowers which Tahitian women used to decorate their hair and which serve as the basis for this collection. A fragrance that takes you from its crystal-clear turquoise waters to the lush parks and gardens of the wide Bruat Avenue on this island in the Pacific where the French painter loved to go for a stroll.

Manual shaping of this candle’s container leaves a mark in the form of a suggestive relief that makes each piece unique and one of a kind. Its dull white and grey colours make it the ideal candle to decorate the most glamorous parties and events, turning any space into a small slice of paradise.

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